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    EG26 Pouch

    The Engage Green Pouch is made from Recycled Woven Paper mixed with cotton fibers for extra strength. Engage Green Recycled Paper is a high-quality fiber, durable, water resistant and biodegradable at the end of life.

    Coins and bills, credit cards, driver’s license, cosmetics – all those small items that need to be contained will fit right in here!


    Engage Green Pouch features:

    • Inner lining made from organic cotton
    • Wipe it clean gently with a wet cloth. 
    • Water resistant. 
    • Animal-free dyed color
    • Bag dimension: 5” x 3.5” x 2”

    • Recycled Paper
    • PAPER – Recycling Facts
    • * Less trash in landfills means lower disposal cost & less pollution from waste carting.
    • * Using recycling paper pulp saves energy in the manufacturing process 60% to 70% less to compared to virgin pulp.
    • * Recycled paper manufacturing uses up to 55% less water that virgin pulp, and helps to preserve our forests.
    • * Manufacturing with recycled paper reduces air emissions by 74% compared to virgin pulp manufacturing.
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