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    EG21 Penguin Umbrella

    The canopy of Engage Green umbrellas is made from recycled water bottles [PET] and the handle is made from recycled plastic and 65% rice. The handle will decompose within 3-4 weeks after placing it into the soil. Automatic open and close. Steel windproof frame. Teflon coating for extra water and stain resistance. Folded Length: 11“ Arc: 44“

    These umbrellas made the perfect gift for someone who deeply cared about the environment with products made in a sustainable way. They made an eye catching fashion statement even on a rainy day.

    The brand new Black and Green version is produced in very limited quantities. Get the entire collection, one for yourself and one to give as a gift.

    Your purchase helps save plastic bottles from dying a slow death in a landfill by giving them a new life. It also conserves crude oil and reduces harmful air emissions that lead to global warming – and a new purpose.

    Reserve yours today and let it shield you from the rain, wind, or sun, while helping show your support for an elegantly made sustainable product.


                   Recycled Plasitc [PETE]

    • PETE [Polyethylene terephthalate] Plastic bottles – Recycling Facts

    • * Approximate 18 used plastic bottles of 16 oz. make 1 yard of our fabric.
    • * 4,800 used plastic bottles of 16 oz. saves 1 cubic yard of the landfill.
    • * According to EPA recycling 1 pound of plastic containers [PETE] save approximately 12,000 BTU’s per yard.

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