At Engage Green we turn consumerism into something positive through our framework which we call The Green Cycle: – choose the right material, create functional designs and engage environmentally conscious consumers. Engage Green believes in durable luxury that is made to last and perform well in all weather conditions.



    Engage Green was established in 2007 in Brooklyn, New York by artist and environmentalist Leonor Mendoza. She wanted to inspire individuals to make better consumer choices by providing options that could reduce waste and help the environment. Her vision evolved in to a brand of bags designed for people on the go, without compromising on luxury or style.

    Mendoza wanted to challenge conventional beliefs about garbage and change consumer perceptions to see that luxury and beauty can be created from recyclable materials. Her passion for “upcycling” has led to the discovery of technology that can take hundreds of thousands of plastic bottles and turn it in to durable, water-resistant material. She also found ways to work with discarded paper turning what was once waste into stylish and fashionable wallets, purses and bags!

    Engage Green is known for its unique, fashionable designs made out of Recycled Plastic [PET], Recycled Paper and sustainable materials like Organic Cotton, Hemp and Cork.



    Our logo depicts a penguin riding on the back of a chicken. They are two very different birds from totally separate climates yet they are both concerned with the future of the environment. As your friends, they want to engage you in a dialogue about sustainability to make sure that in the end they are not living together as roommates in a hot place like Miami!!



    Our company believes in partnerships on the local and global level. Our current production links us with a USA and Taiwan factories where the technology exists to turn plastic bottles in to polyester. Our full involvement with our partners in Taiwan lets us ensure that our products are made under legal, safe and fair working conditions by people who share our values and commitment to integrity and environmentalism.

    Engage Green has been recognized in trade publications as well as the mainstream press. We supply our bags to museums, the New York Public Library and many other non-profits and companies who give Engage Green products as premium corporate gifts to employees and clients. European buyers also appreciate the craftsmanship of Engage Green products and their durable luxury.

    We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the Green America Business Seal of Approval. The seal is presented to businesses that go beyond product and service quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice and work to solve, rather than create, environmental and social problems.



    We commit to the Earth and to Future Generations by creating design elements that respond to our environmental crisis in a meaningful way. We strive to “Live Green”.
    Leonor Mendoza, founder and artist, inspires her team, which consists of people from around the world, including the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia and Iran, to stand united in their strong beliefs about environmentalism. She is an award winning artist whose work is part of the Art Museum of the Americas permanent collection in Washington DC. Her sculptures, also made from recycled materials, have been featured in shows around the world. Dozens of private collectors have commissioned her pieces. Born in Venezuela, Ms. Mendoza currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. leonormendoza.com
    Press mentions and corporate & non-profit support:
    Fashion Walk/Magic (2008)
    CNN Español (interview, Christmas 2010)
    Every day with Rachael Ray Magazine (2009)
    Redbook Magazine (2008)
    Conexiones (airplane magazine)
    People Magazine (2009)
    Sundance Film Festival (2012)
    New York Public Library (2009)
    Brooklyn Museum
    Peabody Museum
    Museum of Fine Arts Boston
    Art Institute of Chicago
    The Nature Conservancy
    WSA Today
    Apparel News
    Por Los Caminos Verdes
    Apparel Guide Atlanta (2008)
    Accessories magazine
    Time Out website (2011)
    NY Post blog (inauguration gift bag, 2009)
    Wildlife Conservation Society (Bronx Zoo, Coney Island Aquarium)
    ... And many others - thank you for the cable TV/press mentions or buying as a corporate gift buyer.
    We support charities and non-profit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, American Red Cross, The Children of Chernobyl (Children at Heart), New Jersey Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Clarke School of New York, The Little Red Schoolhouse, NYU Stern Social Enterprise Association (SEA), United Way of Greater Duluth, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Fred's Team (NYC Marathon), Niagara Regional Athletics, Safe House Foundation Fundraiser, High Heels and Helping Hearts, Power of the Purse, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Wildlife Conservation Society’s Run for the Wild at the Bronx Zoo.
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