• “How will you Green your holiday?”

    Go green for the holidays with Engage Green!   

    In partnership with The Nature Conservancy, Engage Green is participating in the “Green Gift Holidays” campaign again this year.  It kicks off with Cyber Monday, December 2, the biggest online shopping day of the year.  A main focus of the campaign is to encourage people to rethink gift giving -- it raises awareness by promoting green, responsible giving options for the holidays.  It’s a perfect fit for Engage Green designs!
    Our inspiration to open Engage Green came from asking, “Why aren't there attractive well-made recyclable products?” That question opened up possibilities to imagine what could be, and ultimately led to helping individuals make better consumer choices aligned with positive environmental outcomes.  I'd like to engage every single person to be part of the recycling and transforming process by wearing recycled bottles on their shoulders! We'd like to inspire other companies to follow our lead in making a positive environmental impact that can be sustained over the long-term.  We’d like YOU to embrace the practice of promoting green, responsible gift giving options.
    How will you green your holidays?  Please share your thoughts with all our Engage Green followers and visit http://blog.nature.org/green-gift-holidays/ to share them with the members of The Nature Conservancy!
    Happy Green Holidays Everyone!!!


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