• Introducing Engage Green VERSATILE Designs!

    Just in for 2013! Engage Green Versatile designs! Add it as a personal touch or share with a friend!


    Engage Green designs are fast becoming our most popular designs ever!!! 

    Order quickly while they last!  Our New Recycled Plastic and  Woven Recycled Paper designs were the hit of the holiday season.  Two of our most coveted designs, the iPad Bag and the Slim Fit Case, are even TSA approved for electronic security!  

    Make sure you take a close look at these designs as well as the other Recycled Plastic Designs: The Hobo Bag, the Cross Body Bag and "Todo" Multifunctional, which is fast becoming the “go-to” bag that can become a briefcase/luggage/backpack/messenger bag/diaper bag/whatever bag you want it to be!   

    New colors also brighten up your many choices.  And don’t forget our large Geometric Totes and Blue Totes – Recycled Woven Paper mixed with cotton fiber for extra strength never looked so good!




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