• The Nature Conservancy. Young Professional Group November E-Newsletter

     Leonor Mendoza, Founder of Engage Green is The Nature Conservancy Young Professional of the Month.

     As the holidays draw nearer, start asking yourself: How green can you give? For Leonor Mendoza, our Young Professional of the month and proprieter of Engage Green, an online retailer of recycled designs, the possibilities are endless!

    "My inspiration to open Engage Green came from asking, 'Why aren't there attractive well-made recyclable products?' That question opened up possibilities to imagine what could be, and ultimately led to helping individuals make better consumer choices aligned with positive environmental outcomes," she says. "I'd like to engage every single person to be part of the recycling and transforming process wearing bottles on their shoulders. I'd like to inspire other companies to follow our lead in making a positive environmental impact that can be sustained over the long-term." 


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