• How does an Artist start an environmentally conscious business?

    I don’t think I really I have to create anything -- it was always there. Collecting, searching, looking and finding were constant ways to move and create for me.

    I remember when I was 7 years old being at the island were we used to spend our vacations every year and do my adventure of going around to collect the special seeds and all the strange garbage that the sea used to bring to the beach-side. I was fascinated with all these treasures for me to create.

    Basically, all my Art has been developed using discarded material, turning waste into a beauty that no one could believe that actually, the material used was once absolutely and completely garbage. Up to that moment, I was just collecting metal, recycling metal, to make sculptures and functional art pieces like railings, main doors, dividers, tables, etc…

    After few years in NYC, feeling and perceiving the changes of the climate, I began to source new exciting materials to create, but at this time, I was conscious about looking for sustainable material to do a new Art work or project.

    While searching, I was very impressed and surprised to find Recycled Plastic PET bottles as a fabric. At that moment I felt . . . WOW . . . what should I do with this? How can I engage with this material?

    As an Artist that believes in transforming, in giving a second life to discarded materials or objects, I did not want just collect bottles and turn it into a fabric (as I used to do with metal/sculptures). I wanted to make every single person a collector of art. ( art should change perception). I wanted every single person to carry bottles on their shoulders. I decided to have a functional art project. I knew I could design functional products just as beautiful and as well made as brand name designers.

    Developing Engage Green made me feel surprised about how, in 2012, there are still some adults with a lack of empowerment to help maintain a better environment for our future generations. But, at the same time, I am very happily surprised to see the new families and the little future generations having very active and conscious roll in their lives.

    I see the new LEADERS with GREEN blood running in their system.

    I’m most energized by the belief that using sustainable materials and recycling are effective ways to conserve our resources, minimize waste and protect the environment.

    We turn consumerism into something positive.

    We turn waste in beauty.






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