• Count Down Your Carbon

    Count Down Your Carbon promotes simple, individual actions such as using compact fluorescent light bulbs, switching to mass transit, buying  hybrids and energy efficient appliances, and planting trees as ways to combat global climate change. The campaign encourages individuals to  take action to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and demonstrates the significant impact of many small actions combined together.


    Central to the campaign is the Count Down Your Carbon website www.CountDownYourCarbon.org. The website has been designed to be a  quick, fun and affirmative way for people across the country to learn about climate change, its causes and effects, and learn what they  can do to reduce their carbon footprint. The simple but interactive website allows participants to record their actions and calculate the  amount of carbon dioxide they have avoided emitting.


    Count Down Your Carbon encourages widespread decentralized actions and  demonstrates how even small actions can make an important difference. In addition to tallying individual carbon dioxide reductions, each  person’s reductions are added to a collective amount. Count Down Your Carbon’s initial goal is to tally a combined carbon impact of five  hundred thousand tons (1,000,000,000 pounds).

    Please visit http://www.countdownyourcarbon.org/ to register your actions.


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